CPCC Teen Coding Institute

HTML, CSS, javascript

The Teen Coding Institute is geared toward middle and high school students who are interested in learning how to become a full-stack developer. Taught by industry experts, students will learn how to plan, design, develop, deploy and maintain a web based application through this intensive multi-week module driven course.

Check back for updated session dates.

Dates: TBD
Time: 9am - 1pm
Tuition: $400 per module (or $1,000 for all three modules)
Location: Central Piedmont Central Campus

Module One: HTML and CSS


HTML and CSS are fundamental languages that compose all webpages on the Internet; website technology from simple personal sites to enterprise level software use HTML to structure each page. CSS is an extension to HTML that allows the rapid styling of web pages for customization and aesthetic considerations.

Student Project: Tabled multi-page website with multiple forms of media

Module Two: Javascript


Web pages can do more than format text. Javascript handles basic programming logic in web sites. Basic mathematics and decision making can be embedded into web pages for intelligent behaviors.

Student Project: Website with motion, animations, or business behavior using HTML and Javascript

Module Three: Bootstrap


Bootstrap templates and design features have become a new standard in web development. Modern web pages easily integrate animation, mobile device support, and personalization with Bootstrap

Student Project: Bootstrap mobile-friendly site with at least two stylesheets for customization